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Is there a more classic duo than coffee and donuts? The hallmark of early morning meetings, nothing represents the workplace like the humble donut. As experts in the workplace, we certainly enjoy our share of donuts and are never far from a delicious cup of coffee. That’s why we wanted to celebrate these fried rings of happiness by pairing them with their perfect drink companion. With a full range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, espresso and specialty drinks available through the FLAVIA® system, we certainly had plenty of options. Check out these perfect pairings:


Chocolate Cake Donut: Pair with Starbucks® Veranda Blend to make your taste buds sing! The nutty cocoa notes of the coffee compliment this donut perfectly. This light roast is the perfect pairing for the dark complexity of chocolate.

Boston Cream Donut: We’re going from coast to coast, pairing Boston Cream with Peet’s Café Domingo. This classic West Coast coffee brings sweet toffee flavor that is perfect with the creamy donut.

Vanilla Frosted Donut: A sweet classic- we can’t say no to a vanilla frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles! Add complexity and sophistication by pairing with our Alterra® Donut Shop Dark. This dark roast is a perfect contrast to the intense sweetness of vanilla frosting.

Cinnamon Sugar Donut: A simple donut needs a complex coffee. When paired with La Colombe Monaco, the coffee’s notes of currants, caramel apple and malt shine.

Apple Fritter: Not a big coffee drinker? Not a problem! Enjoy with The Bright Tea Co. English Breakfast for a classic morning combo. Apple and cinnamon are a delight when enjoyed with the classic flavors of this tea.

Cronut: The new kid on the block, the cronut combines the layered texture of a croissant with the sweet goodness of a donut. Bring the modern and the classic together by pairing with our Alterra® Donut Shop. The acidity of this coffee contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the cronut for an experience that is simply divine.

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