Meet the brewer designed to put more "ahhh"
in your everyday.
You do a lot for your office. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a brewer that does a lot for you? Well, sit back, relax, and meet your new best friend. The only all-in-one hot and cold beverage system* that gives you enough variety to keep even the pickiest employees happy. Plus, its smart solutions keep you two steps ahead. And that’s just the start.
*With the addition of FLAVIA CHILL

Coffee has never come with so many perks

We put a lot into this new brewer, so you can get a lot out of it.

Customizable Screen Put important office news right where everyone is brewing, with easily customizable on-screen messages.
Foam Party For One Your coworkers have the option to froth their own dairy and non-dairy milk right in their cup.
A Neat Trick Clean up on aisle nowhere. This cup stand automatically sets to the size of the mug. The drip tray is also removable to make room for extra-large travel mugs.
Stay In The Know Get automatic alerts if there’s an issue that needs your attention, as well as maintenance requests from employees when items are out of stock.
Beverage management? Let us handle that for you.
Now you have the ability to monitor consumption trends so that you know what’s hot and what’s not, as well as get brewer-issued email requests from your employees when something needs your attention. No more guessing. No more waiting. Just you, staying two steps ahead—with a delicious cup in hand, of course.
Ever wish you could get your entire office to just chill out a little? Wish granted.
Finally, you have the ability to brew cold and hot beverages all in one place. When you pair FLAVIA CHILL with your C600, you can offer your office cold beverages like cold brew coffee, iced teas, and infused waters. Talk about refreshing.
The FLAVIA® C600 was designed with hygiene in mind. And with the addition of Kastus® surface protection* or the Tap N’ Brew app, you and your team can feel even better about how you brew.
1) Freshpacks stay completely sealed until the moment they’re brewed—so there’s no exposure to air and germs.
2) Our pack-to-cup brewing process ensures nothing touches the ingredients other than hot water.
3) Touch less with our free Tap N’ Brew mobile app—order and customize your drinks right from your phone.
4) Kastus’ patented tempered glass antimicrobial surface protector* can be applied to the C600 touchscreen and brewer door for 24/7 surface protection.
*Kastus’ 24/7 antimicrobial efficacy has been proven by independent labs using ISO global standards. Kastus registration with the US EPA is currently pending. Kastus® is a registered trademark of Kastus Technologies

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As a company, we’re as passionate about creating a better world as we are about delivering a perfect cup. Discover all the ways we’re here for people, for the planet, and for the purpose of creating the best world we can through every cup—from origin to office.