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With many of us spending more time at home lately, we’ve been using our free time to catch up on television series. We’ve noticed that so many of our favorite shows take place in the office, but that not many realistically portray what it’s like to work in this environment. With that in mind, we’ve made a list of our top shows about the workplace, and grade them on believability.


Ugly Betty (ABC): This hit series, based on a Colombian telenovela, follows the adventures of Betty Suarez, a fashion disaster who works for a prestigious fashion magazine.

Believability: 1/10- It happens at the office, but the real focus here is on the drama and romance, and it shows.

Are You Being Served? (Amazon Prime): A classic BBC sitcom from the 70's about a fictional department store. Chock full of pratfalls, double entendre, and slapstick, it’s a must watch for fans of British humor.

Believability: 2/10- Nothing about Grace Brothers department store functions like a real workplace, but the series does an amazing job of skewering the British class system. For that alone I award it bonus points.

Parks and Recs (Netflix): A beloved comedy following the employees at a rural Parks and Recreation department, this series is perfectly bingeable, sweet and clever.

Believability: 3/10- In real life the Pawnee Parks Department would be shut down. However, the interaction between the characters will absolutely remind you of your office mates.

Mad Men (Netflix): A fictionalized version of the drama at a Manhattan ad agency during the 60s, following the compelling main character Don Draper. With incredible attention to detail and excellent writing, you should just go re-watch it now.

Believability: 5/10- The changes in American society throughout the 60's is portrayed in great detail, though the actual lives of the characters are more exciting than anyone I’ve ever worked with.

Dirty Jobs (Amazon): This reality series follows host Mike Rowe as he meets the men and women across American doing the dirtiest, weirdest and most difficult jobs.

Believability: 10/10- The series makes you grateful for the people doing the dirty work to keep society functioning as it should, and also provides laughs along the way.

The Office (Netflix): Possibly the funniest and most popular take on office life ever shown on television. If you haven’t watched every episode at least twice you are missing out.

Believability: ∞/10- This show manages to be completely ridiculous and yet absolutely spot on. You have worked with every single character on this show, and if you haven’t reported to a Michael Scott, you might be Michael Scott.

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