FLAVIA® Creation 300 + Chill Refresh

Meet the FLAVIA® C300 + Chill Refresh. The midsized café-style workplace beverage system from the brand that invented the hot-and-cold-all-in-one beverage system.  



The FLAVIA® C300 + Chill Refresh lets you craft 14 unique hot and cold* café-style beverages that’ll keep everyone – employees, clients and guests – satisfied and smiling.  

Its compact footprint and smart technology keep up with midsized workplaces and spaces, while its intuitive digital interface makes it easy to craft rich beverages calibrated for perfectly balanced flavor every time.  

*Cold drinks available with the addition of the FLAVIA® Chill Refresh. 





  • HOT & COLD DRINKS IN ONE SYSTEM: The C300 + Chill Refresh offers 14 different types of beverages including both hot (coffee, tea, lattes and hot chocolate) and cold (brew coffee, iced tea, and infused water) drinks that will leave everyone smiling

  • COMPACT FOOTPRINT: A perfect way to deliver a lot of flavor and a lot of variety, without taking up a lot of room. 

    • IN-CUP FROTHING: Create authentic, barista-quality beverages using the Original Milk Froth Freshpack or any milk or non-dairy alternative with our patented in-cup frothing. 

      • FLAVIA IQ ENABLED: Our built-in smart system will help you navigate what to order and when to order it, while also sending alerts on any other brewer issues that may pop up. 

      • TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY: Intuitive and easy to navigate, which makes getting everyone’s favorite hot and cold beverages a snap. 



      Technical Specs 


      • Traffic: Medium-sized workplaces or secondary placements in large workplaces 

      • Plumb-In or Pour Over** 

      • 4. 3″ Touch Screen 

      • Removable Drip Tray  

      • Customizable Brew Size: 
        • Small: 5 oz / Regular: 7 oz 
        • Large: 9 oz / Over Ice: 3 oz 

        • Language Options: English, French and Spanish 

        • Strong Brew Option 

        • Flavia IQ Consumption Data 

        • Water Tank Capacity: 137.3 OZ. (3.9 L) 

         **Pour over option only available for C300. 

        Machine size + weight

         C300 Brewer Specs: 

          • Dimensions: 16.6″ H x 8.3″ W x 17.7″ D 

          • Weight Out of Box (Unprimed): 13.9 LBS 

          • Power Supply: Max 1440W / 120V 

        Chill Refresh Specs: 

          • Dimensions: 16.5″ H x 10.1″ W x 15.7″ D 

          • Weight Out of Box (Unprimed): 22.7 LBS 

          • Power Supply: Max 200W / 120V