The Bright Tea Co.®

The Bright Tea Co.® Chai Tea Latte

You work hard. Your team works hard. And yes, you do deserve that fancy afternoon latte. Normally, you’d have to go to a café down the street to get yourself a special tea latte treat—until now. In fact, 39% of employees are looking for a little indulgence in the afternoon. Creamy, with a sweet chai-spice, our Chai Tea Latte is sure to please. And at less than 80 calories per drink, the soothing warm spice of Chai doesn’t have to be saved for just the afternoon. Reward your team with café-quality tea lattes, with the all-new The Bright Tea Co. Chai Tea Latte, unique to FLAVIA® brewers.

  • US Chai Latte
  • Flavor Notes: Sweet chai spice
  • Body: Specialty

Component SKU: 48055