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New year, new you! For many of us, January is the time to set our resolutions and begin the hard work of changing our routines for the better. Reflecting on our work habits can help start the year off right, and help make you happier, healthier and more engaged in the workplace.

10 Workplace Resolutions for a Better You in 2021

  1. Speak Up: Make a point to contribute during meetings and brainstorming sessions. If you tend to be a listener, rather than a speaker, practice speaking up in smaller meetings first and work your way up to larger group settings.
  2. Make Connections: It’s invaluable to make connections across the organization and have contacts at every level. A great way to meet colleagues is to introduce yourself and chat at your office coffee station. You never know when you’ll have an awesome conversation with the CEO over a cup of coffee!
  3. Start Strong: Mornings can be rough. But if lateness is an issue for you, make an effort to arrive on time in 2021. You may even find that starting earlier makes your mornings feel less hectic.
  4. Track Success: We all do amazing work everyday, but it can be awfully difficult to remember our accomplishments when review time comes around. Keep track of your successes throughout the year to make year-end reporting extra easy.
  5. Organize: Find an organization system that works for you and vow to stick to it this year. Schedule 15 minutes on Friday afternoons to tidy up, respond to lingering emails and file documents.
  6. Purposeful Breaks: Breaks are vital to help reset and boost productivity throughout the day. Whether it’s a stroll over to the office coffee area or a walk around the block, take time to give your mind a break before diving back into work.
  7. Positive Mentally: Venting about policies, tasks and coworkers often feels like a normal part of office culture. However, negativity can quickly drain your energy and effect the whole team’s morale. If you’re prone to venting, try a negativity detox in January. You might be surprised how much better you feel.
  8. Bring Solutions: Instead of focusing on the negative, resolve to find solutions to issues in 2021. Not only is this approach empowering to you as an individual, but your boss will love your new, proactive attitude.
  9. Solicit Feedback: Feedback is how we get better. Actively solicit feedback on your performance and demonstrate you’re open to constructive criticism.
  10. Express Appreciation: Make appreciation a habit! Thank your coworkers for their hard work, enjoy the projects that excite you, and treat yourself kindly.
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